We're recruiting

From The New NATO Treaty

Who do you think you are !?..

  1. Do you have guts ?!..
  2. Are you strong minded ?!..
  3. Can you do daring stuff ?!..
  4. Take some mind-blowing PR risks ?!..

Then you're the recruit this project is looking for !!!

  • We need to buzz around on this project;
  • To obtain finance from NATO;
  • And to achieve the goal of this project.

To unite all nations under one military content treaty.

Send your full of guts open letter of intentions right here, right now:

  1. Create an account;
  2. Create a page with your letter of intentions to join #TheNewNATOTreaty project;
  3. Send a short email to contact@mediawrite.agency with a link to that letter.

Otherwise, support this project by donations: for the new treaty or for the World War III