The Declaration of World War III (War Against Death)

From The New NATO Treaty

~ About

The declaration of World War III.

This is the original content of the Declaration of war against death.

The Universal Declaration of War Against Death, which aims to start the World War III.

~ The objectives of war are:

First: Victory over death;

Second: Total annihilation of death;

Third: Spreading life into the goddamn infinite universe.

~ The missions & creeds that can achieve the objectives, are:

Mission one: I shall not fight death as long anyone tries to bring it;

Mission two: I shall not invest in media communication while there's a rumor of war;

Mission three: I should preach war against death;

Mission four: I shall not give silver to politicians;

Mission five: I shall forever fight death.

~ This content of the declaration of war against death was written today 1th June 2022 - Bucharest, Romania, Europe.

It is part of a project that aims to unite all military forces of all nations under one international military treaty content, for the first time in history. The author of this declaration of war is Samuel Caraliu-Durlea, and it is part of a creative project of the Mediawrite agency.